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If you, or a loved one, was recently charged with DUI/DWI - then our Los Angeles DUI attorneys can help. We have assembled a team of the most top rated trial lawyers, who go head to head with District Attorneys on a regular basis and get cases consistently dismissed or with great outcomes. If you're at risk of going to jail - contact our DUI law offices today.

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After you are arrested, you’re probably going to do a lot of research in order to find the best possible Los Angeles DUI lawyer. Why? Because a DUI/DWI can have a huge impact on you, for the rest of your life. What you need is a great lawyer, whose reputation makes prosecutors think twice about proceeding forward. No Prosecutor wants to lose a case. Most would rather settle than lose against a Los Angeles dui lawyer. At H&M Law Firm – we employ the great maverick Los Angeles DUI defense lawyers YOU WANT representing you. We know the DUI process and know how to defend your rights. Our Los Angeles DUI attorneys will do everything that we can to bring some level of normalcy to your life. All of our strategies are designed to significantly reduce or dismiss your charges.

We handle all aspects of the DMV process for our clients. This includes requesting the hearing, preparing and obtaining evidence and discovery, as well as preparing the defense strategies at the actual DMV Administrative Hearing.

While the DMV Hearing is moving forward, our Los Angeles DUI lawyers also prepare for your criminal court case. Our law firm will request the requisite discovery and evidence, prepare defense strategies and will appear on your behalf in court. We will do all the leg work and advocacy to ensure the best results possible.

Best call I ever made, after the worst call I made on the road. I thought to myself, I only had 2 beers, in the last hour I'm fine. WRONG!

McMillian K. on Yelp

Very great dui attorneys. They were very professional and diligent the entire time. My experience was great and I'm happy I met with them.

Marcus R. on Yelp

There are some people out there that really deserve recognition. I can tell this Attorney, Nima Haddadi, is absolutely one of those people. He is very modest, but his results are real. He never told me that my case would be dismissed, he never even said that my case is going going to be severely reduced. He plainly stated that he is much more qualified than most to represent me for a DUI case, because he used to be a former Prosecutor in the Los Angeles DUI Trial Unit.

Pamela R. on Yelp

H&M Law is the absolute best. I had a really great experience with them. They were super attentive and really understand how difficult and stressful a DUI process is. Nima and Luis are both great! They walked me through the whole process and I was fortunate enough to get my charges dropped down to a lesser charge. I would recommend H&M to anyone!

Amanda H. on Yelp

Getting arrested was the worst day of my life. I am not the typical person to get arrested for drinking and driving. I was a straight A student and have a great job. But anyone can make a stupid decision. All I could think about was how I never wanted anyone to know that I got a DUI. I immediately needed legal help and did research online. H&M law firm has amazing reviews and after my experience I understand why this firm is ranked so highly and why everyone else needs to know these are the guys who can help you. I called and immediately talked with my attorney. I was never put on hold and he was able to answer all of my questions and handled the entire case with discretion. I cannot thank the H&M team enough for getting my life back to normal.

Brenda J. on Yelp

I wish the DUI experience on no one. It's the worst feeling ever. Especially if you have never been in trouble with the law. Getting arrested in public and being put in the back of a cop car and put in jail is an extremely horrific and traumatizing experience. But I really owe it all to H&M Law Firm for getting me through it. I cannot thank them enough. I was so worried that it was goign to affect my professional career and I was going to lose my job. But from the moment that H&M got on my case, it was smooth sailing. I never even had to go to court. They updated me constantly and are on the cutting edge on their defenses.

Denise T. on Yelp

Omg my case finished today. I am so so happy I signed up with h&m.

Bianca B. on Yelp

I absolutely relished the consultation that Angelo gave me about the dui. Knowing the information that the strategy they gave me, I feel so much better and prepared. They are very professional and answered all my questions diligently.

Michael H. on Yelp

Let me start off by saying that Nima Haddadi is an attorney rockstar. Seriously, I am forever grateful. He got me a wet reckless on my case. I had blown a .14 and aftter my case finished the judge told me I was incredibly luck that my attorney got me such a good deal. I knew he was the smartest and the cream of the crop when I first met him and I am so happy to say I feel the same way, if not more, now that my case is done.

Leroy W. on Yelp

I am very satisfied with the high quality representation I received from this firm. They were extraordinary. The level of professionalism was top notch, the communication was much faster than anything I would have expected from a law firm. Anytime I could call or email them, I was responded to within hours. Anytime I wanted to speak with my attorney, I would get a call from my attorney - Mr. Haddadi - within 24 hours.

Elizabeth Y. on Yelp

After the consultation and over all experience I learned a lot about DUIs. Not only that but they were about to provide me with very useful information. I appreciate it very much, they were very professional and answered all my questions thoroughly. It's amazing what a good DUI attorney can do for you.

Annette F. on Yelp

The team at H&M law firm are extremely competent and professional. Nima Haddadi, my attorney, and his paralegal, Luis, delivered impeccable results. They were incredibly articulate in answering any of my questions or concerns. I am a completely satisfied customer and I would recommend this firm to anyone.

Court K. on Yelp

Angelo gave me a great consultation today, hea shared some great information on DUI law and courtroom procedure. They were very professional and I'm very glad that I decided to go with him today. I would say it was a great experience.

Mario R. on Yelp

I had a great experience with a representative Angelo. He gave me a great consultation on the dui. I got to learn some info I didn't know before and im ver happy about that. Even if you haven't been in these situations, you need to talk to a highly qualified dui attorney. Overall a very professional attorney.

Kevin R. on Yelp

I learned a lot from these awesome DUI attorneys- as he taught me all about DUI laws and the process for DUI. They have a great defense which can get full dismissal, which is really awesome. I had a great experience today, and I'm glad I decided to listen to them and move forward.

Hanz S. on Yelp

Angelo was very professional of informing me about everything the whole time. I had a great consultation about the DUI, and all the laws I potentially have to face. He answered all of my questions. I am so happy that I decided to go though them.

Damian S. on Yelp

I had a consultation with Anglo and its was very interesting. He was telling me all about the DUI. Pretty much for a college student, with a bright future, its a no brainer.

Lany T. on Yelp

I can not say enough good things about this law office. Chris and Nima worked on my DUI case and did an amazing job. The H&M law firm was the second law office that I hired for my case. I hired another law office from yelp which charged m $1500. I thought it was a good deal because it was the cheapest quote that I got and the attorney made it seem like my case was getting dismissed. Half way through my case the attorney was trying to make me plead guilty at the second hearing. I quickly went back on yelp and ended up hiring the h&m law office. My charges were reduced and everything worked out. I just can not communicate how much these guys helped my life. I recommend them with all of my heart and wish them nothing but success.

Crystal R. on Yelp

Blessings on blessings on blessings. I learned a very seriously lesson or two in the last 8 months of my life. Don't talk back to LAPD, and get the best attorney you can afford. I was fortunate enough to make the smart decision to hire Nima at the H&M Law Firm. They are smart, attentive, and very realistic when it came to what was going to happen. I had to appear 2-3 times, everything was schedule perfectly. It's really worth paying a little extra money for a good local attorney, because the people in the court, knew my attorney. I felt like they weren't arguing like the other attorneys, but were closer and on a different level. I really liked that. I ended up getting a wet reckless, and now I'm just counting my blessings. AA has also changed my life, and if you got a DUI, you will know what I mean, because most likely you will be taking AA classes soon too. Thank you H&M.

Annie O. on Yelp

I was at my after prom and me and my friends had an arranged DD. we didn't think she would drink at all since shes been a very responsible person when shes dd. but i guess it was prom and she got into the night and drank 2 blue moons. At around 11pm We were all tired in our heels and got jessica (the driver) to give her ticket to valet. We waited about 5 mins until the car came. I raced for the front seat and the other 3 girls all sat in the back. We got in the car and jessica started driving. We turned right onto sunset to get home. We stopped at a red light and out of nowhere a cop lights us up and pulled us over. Jessica had forgoten to turn on her headlights... Well as the cop came to the car he picked up a scent of alcohol (we were 5 girls going home from prom.) I didn't think we would have a problem because we didnt know she drank... The officer decided to perform a field test. Long story short she failed and the cop also made us perform the blow test. We all failed so the asshole cop gave me a dui and a public intoxication instead of the minor charge. I was so scared to tell my mom but I had to call her because i needed to be bailed out. She gave me a long talk and instead of being mad she wanted to teach me a lesson and make me do the whole process of dui. She made me find an attorney, so I decided to look on yelp. I found this firm and i'm so happy I did. As i called them they assured me they would help me get my life back into shape. It was a big stress reliever. They also told me the whole process which we would go through together. They would talk to my parents anytime they had a question in mind. They ended up getting me a great deal with the judge (don't really want to give my whole case to the world.) I am extremely happy and satisfied with the results. This review is to help others who get left in shitty positions like mine. Get an attorney from this firm and dodge a lot of wasted time and stress. Thanks so much guys!!

Sharon M. on Yelp

These guys are aggressive. And when dealing with a DUI you absolutely need aggressive lawyers on your side. I'm taking about how my case was handled quickly and without hesitating over anything. My DUI lawyer knew exactly what to say and do. He knew the DA and the plea was accepted. Best firm to work with. Seriously do not go anywhere else with your money.

Cristin B. on Yelp

I don't have too many words to describe how happy I am about this law firm. These guys really know their job. When I called the H&M Law Firm, I was connected to an attorney right away, I believe her name was Dorsay. I was first surprised by the kindness and expertise in her voice, you could see that she is dedicated to her job, and I didn't feel like I was being rushed through a conveyor belt of a Law Firm cash machine. After I had hired H&M, they were always updating me, without any prompting - reassuring me about all the paperwork, that I don`t have a thing to worry about anything, and it was all being taken care of. I was very impressed by the high level of service, almost speechless. But now i'm here to express my gratitude. They are confident, swift, polite, and most important, accurate. My particular case was not too ordinary, but I was still able to get a great deal from the court, after lots of negotiation. The police caught me speeding. and I blew .12 when they gave me the breathalyzer. Ouch. But it hurt a lot less after what these amazing attorneys were able to do for me. Thanks one more time H&M Law Firm.

Lizz B. on Yelp

They answered all my questions and I'm very happy I met with them first. Very thorough and very knowledgeable about dui law.

Ireen C. on Yelp

I am very excited to write this review for The H&M Law Firm. I was charged with a DUI and I did not know what to do. I was referred to this law firm through a friend that assured me that this would be the answer to all of my problems. I called the law firm, went in for a consultation and signed up. I can not even begin to say what a sense of relief it has been to find this firm. Even though I did not go up in front of the judge I went to all of my court hearings and watched my attorney work. Nima Haddadi is very professional and seems to have great relationships with everyone at the court. Everyone from the bailiff all the way to the prosecutor, everyone seemed extremely buddy buddy with him. We went to court for a total of four times and on the fourth time I went up in front of the judge with Nima. I got a wet reckless and had to take the three month alcohol class along with a $1,100 fine and probation. I had a very good sense of what typical offers were because every time I would go to court I would hear other people that would get deals with other attorneys for their DUIs and had the same BAC as mine. I must have heard in excess of twenty DUI deals and not one of them was offered a wet reckless. I am very pleased with the outcome of my case. I highly recommend this DUI law office.

Lynette M. on Yelp

I am really impressed with this firm. The attorney was very friendly and down to earth. He sat down with us in person and explained our whole sea with the DUI. I personally did not know the rules when it comes to DUI but today I feel 10x better. I plan to help spread this information and the name of H&M Law Firm PC.

Justin C. on Yelp

Leroy W. on Yelp

Leroy W. on Yelp

Leroy W. on Yelp
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About H&M Law

Nima Haddadi, a DUI lawyer in Los Angeles, is one of the founding members of the H&M Law Firm. Nima has played an intricate part in shaping the ideology of this law firm. As a result of being a former prosecutor, Nima saw the many issues that came about when prosecuting so called “suspects”. Even though the criminal justice system is founded on the principle that every person is innocent until proven guilty, the actual reality of the situation is that most suspects are treated as though they are guilty and must prove their innocence. At the H&M Law Firm, our Los Angeles DUI attorneys believe the best defense is a good offense. This is the foundation on which the H&M Law Firm has been built on.

The fight for justice is never easy, and never has been for any of us at The H&M Law Firm. The amount of work that we constantly are putting in and have already put in has exacted a toll on our families, our friends and ourselves. Yet, our Los Angeles DUI lawyers will continue to fight, because this is what we were born to do. Our life consists of defending the wrongly accused, and standing between our clients and injustice. We are what prosecutors like to refer to as, “The True Believers”.

Our Los Angeles DUI law firm is made up of the most skilled attorneys in the nation. More specifically the H&M Law Firm is made up of former Criminal Prosecutors, District Attorney Law Clerks, and City Attorney Legal Clerks. The experience of being on the side of the prosecution has given our law firm a different perspective on the entire legal process, a perspective in which most other criminal defense attorneys have never experienced.

The H&M Law Firm is not at the top of the criminal defense industry by accident, we have worked very hard and earned our position at the top.

Our attorneys and staff members are constantly attending legal seminars and training sessions so as to be on the cutting edge of the criminal defense industry. Our law firm goes above and beyond to make sure that there is not one single prosecutorial office in the State of California that can out work nor out think the attorneys at the H&M Law Firm.

Most people don't plan to drive a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. But sometimes it happens, and you get pulled over by the police. Before you know it, you are being charged with DUI. If that happens, you will likely be taken to jail and booked, your car may be impounded, and you could be facing some serious charges that will take your money and your freedom.

However, not all DUI charges result in these outcomes. With the help of an expert DUI lawyer in Los angeles, your outcome could be very different. Here are some important reasons why you may need to hire a DUI lawyer in Los Angeles.

You are charged with suspicion of DUI.
A law officer believes there is reason to charge you with DUI, despite the lack of admissible evidence. A DUI attorney in Los Angeles can help to sort out the facts and make sure you do not have to face unfair or illicit charges. As soon as you are charged, call a DUI attorney for advice. This is a serious accusation that you should not face alone or try to resolve without professional legal assistance.

Your actions or circumstances imply DUI.
If the vehicle you are driving is involved in an accident or damages someone's property, you may be automatically suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Even though your breath smells like beer or wine, that does not mean you are driving illegally. A Breathalyzer test or an alternate means of evaluating your blood alcohol level will be needed for an objective assessment. An attorney who is experienced in this area of the law can advise you on your rights and responsibilities regarding being tested for suspicion of DUI.

Someone accuses you of DUI.
Although this is not common, if an accident or altercation occurs, a passenger or pedestrian could tell law enforcement agents that you are drunk or high, even though that person has no knowledge of it. A family member or friend, if asked, might claim you have been drinking. Even if true, that does not mean you are driving illegally under the influence. If a police officer wants to test you, it is important to consult a DUI attorney first to find out your rights and protection under the law.

DUI charges may be faulty.
Police officers are human, and like everyone else, they may make mistakes. If they suspect you have been drinking, whether or not you are legally intoxicated, they may charge you with a DUI although that may be wrong. A person who is extremely tired, has a medical impairment, or who is taking certain medications may behave at times as though he or she is under the influence. Without objective measures, however, observation alone is not adequate for charging someone with a DUI. A qualified DUI attorney can help to clarify the rights of the person being charged to both the officer and the individual.

DUI testing might be inaccurate.
Although Breathalyzer tests and other DUI measures are supposed to be one hundred percent accurate all the time, they sometimes work erratically. Officers' readings of test results might not be handled correctly. Various things can go wrong during the testing and reading of test results of someone accused of a DUI. Contact a DUI attorney for assistance in determining whether a test, or its results, are valid.

Court proceedings require legal representation.
If a DUI proceeds to court, the accused should have a DUI attorney to advise and represent him or her through the legal process. The attorney will determine the client's facts, prepare the pleadings, organize witnesses and statements if needed, and advise the accused on how to give testimony during the proceedings. The attorney will ensure that due process is followed. If a guilty verdict is anticipated or given, a DUI attorney may be able to offer a plea bargain that will serve the accused's interests or mitigate the resulting consequences.
Being charged with a DUI can be scary. That is why it is important to have a competent DUI attorney who can become an advocate for the accused and provide legal representation and advice.


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